Rhode Warm Wool Blankets

2017 Edition

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There are still some 2016 Huntsville Edition blankets available, too!

2015 Edition | Ram Tail Mill Edition

These warm wool blankets make great gifts for someone special,
a wedding present, or just a great way to stay warm
during the cold winter months ahead.

              LAP THROW (approximately 45" x 60") = $85.00*
              LONG THROW (approximately 45" x 72") = $100.00*
              TWIN BLANKET (approximately 72" x 90") = $140.00*
              FULL BLANKET (approximately 80" x 90") = $155.00*
              QUEEN BLANKET (approximately 90" x 90") = $195.00*
              KING BLANKET (approximately 90" x 106") = $235.00*
              *plus tax and shipping where applicable

Use the form below to pre-order your 2017 Edition blanket or throw,
or to order a 2016 Huntsville Edition.



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Rhode Island Sheep Cooperative, Home of Rhody Warm Wool Blankets - 100% wool blankets and wool throws
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and producers of raw wool used for woolen blankets, wool throws, and other wool products.
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